St. Patrick’s Day at CGS

Early Start

The Early Start children are celebrating St Patrick’s day with a special themed colouring, counting and graphing!

Junior Kindergarten

They JK class created some beautiful rainbows using small pieces of multi-coloured construction paper. They each made a pot of gold at the end of their rainbow. The final touch was a beautiful tissue paper and construction paper shamrock on the other side of the rainbow. It will be very lucky JK class!

Senior Kindergarten

Classroom deco’s and Our SK class incorporated some fun St. Patrick’s Day learning into their spellwell and reading comprehension work last week. They learned all about St. Patrick and leprechauns. You can ask any one of our SK students what the size of an average leprechaun is and they will be able to tell you!

The class also had a fun St. Patrick’s Day themed STEM assignment. They were tasked with creating a trap that could catch a leprechaun! The leprechaun would, naturally, be baited by a piece of gold (from the pot of gold, of course) inside the trap. The students not only had fun thinking up ways to trap a leprechaun but they also made some impressive and creative traps.

Grade 2

The Grade Twos have been doing some fun activities for St. Patrick’s Day. They did an exciting science experiment using Skittles and warm water to create rainbows. Working in pairs, students arranged their Skittles in a circle on a white plate. They then poured warm water in the middle of the plate and observed as the sugar and food colouring from the Skittles dissolved and formed a rainbow in the plate. The students found it mesmerizing!