STEM & Cursive in Grade 4

The Grade 4 students have thoroughly enjoyed their first week back at school. They were very excited about trying out a STEM activity for the first time this year! STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) is an integral part of our everyday lives. It provides students with real-world problem solving opportunities, allowing them to think outside the box using hands-on applications through project based learning. Students are given specific challenges to complete using designated materials and their vast imaginations.

This week the students were asked to use two very basic materials (Play Doh and toothpicks) to create a water slide. They thoughtfully built their water slides, each one of them very different. We did have a few collapse, so it was back to the drawing board to problem solve and find out why their structures were not stable. Once all the water slides were built, the children wrote about their own structure, explaining what they did to ensure theirs was strong and stable. They are already asking about what the next STEM challenge will be!

The Grade Four students were excited to delve back into cursive writing this week! Using the fabulous Handwriting Without Tears program, the children were reminded of the “Magic C” and how to change c into a, d and g. They also practiced their flow of writing and connecting these particular letters. Each one of the children worked diligently and mindfully, taking it slow in order to keep their writing neat and tidy. They are looking forward to being able to complete their written assignments all in cursive.

Michelle Luke
Grade 4 Teacher
Children’s Garden School