STEM Fashion in Grade 1

Last week’s STEM activity involved some of the newest members of the class – Emily and Heather’s Cabbage Patch dolls and stuffies from their childhood. The Grade 1 children have enjoyed playing with these dolls over the past couple of weeks, but then they were set the challenge of designing and making some clothes and accessories for them! The Grade 1’s had an absolutely amazing time designing clothing that would not only fit their stuffy, but look stylish, too. The children used paper and tape to construct the clothing, and faced the challenge of figuring out how to get their clothes on and off their stuffy, as well as tailoring their clothes to fit. Some children even used the stuffies and dolls to make patterns and trace their size like a real fashion designer. At the end of the session, we had a little fashion show, complete with Madonna’s Vogue and the Grade 1’s took their creations down the “catwalk”. It was an amazing demonstration of their creativity and problem-solving skills. If you’re ever looking for fashion advice, look no further than the very innovative Grade 1 class!

Heather & Emily
Grade 1 Teachers
Children’s Garden School