STEM Freedom for Grade 1

For STEM this week in Grade 1, students were put in small groups and given a variety of different materials. To their surprise, there were no specific instructions! They had to spend 10 minutes pre-planning with each other what they thought they might like to make as a team with the materials they were given. Then the building began! They worked together building and re-building their projects until they were able to create a cohesive, finished product that they took turns presenting with each team member playing an important role. We had a campsite complete with
a zipline, campfire, and cabins, a town featuring landmarks from all around the world, a city with its very own subway system running around it, and a small community with a special house for each member of the group so they could visit each other. We were so impressed with the Grade 1’s creativity, patience, collaboration, and focus.

Lisa Garard & Michelle Menezes
Grade 1 Teachers
Children’s Garden School