STEM Globe Challenge in Grade 4

Welcome to the Grade 4 Blog! The Grade 4’s have been tasked with providing one story per week for the rest of the school year. The correspondent of the week is in charge of choosing their own topic, providing all the written content and making sure they have the pictures they need to support their story. Once they have their story together, they visit Kelly in the office to post their blog. The Grade 4 Correspondents are very excited about their new responsibilities. We’re looking forward to this new perspective on our CGS Blog! Thank you to Riley for this latest story from the Grade 4 classroom. Enjoy!

STEM is the Grade 4’s favourite part of the week. Every Wednesday we have STEM. During STEM we do challenges where we build things. In the past, we made Play-Doh waterslides, paper rollercoasters and one time we made a float! This week, Don gave us a globe that we built for STEM. We worked as a team to make the globe. At first it was very delicate until we put in the last piece, which held most of it together and it stopped falling apart. It was very realistic because when we started building it there was fake cardboard magma in the middle and when it was finished it was all covered up and no one could see it. It was a great success! Thank you to Don for giving us this week’s STEM challenge.

Riley Rogers
Grade 4 Correspondent
Children’s Garden School