STEM in Grade 1

The Grade 1 class has been busy at work with their STEM bins. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, all of which we encounter in our everyday lives.

The purpose of these bins is to promote thinking divergently, inventively and imaginatively. Students are assigned a task that they must solve using the tools they have available in a particular STEM bin. By doing so, they build on their creative design skills, constructing a variety of two and three dimensional shapes, lines, and angles using basic geometry. Students also use their previous knowledge of real world designs to create brand new structures.

The students have opportunities to build their creations with a partner or individually. During designated STEM bin time, students also write about their creations, explaining how their structure may work, the types of shapes they used or discovered, or how they could improve their structure.

The results we’ve seen have been remarkable thus far! The ideas and creations are always extremely innovative and it is such a pleasure to witness and share their magnificent structures.

Michelle L & M
Grade 1 Teachers
Children’s Garden School