Student Government Convenes

I think it is safe to say that we have the strongest, most enthusiastic CGS Student Government yet. The children are so excited to get going. Lisa and Jordan called the first meeting this week and the children came ready to share their ideas. Armaan, one of our Grade 4 class councillors, agreed to take the minutes. Everyone offered up a suggestion and ideas were vetted for viability and appropriateness. The government has a long list of things to look into and people to consult! Some possible initiatives include Hawaiian Pizza Day (a student survey is being prepared), board game day, joke of the week (for Tuesday announcements), bringing back Rocket Dogs from RFRK, scheduling keyboarding lessons for the SK’s (taught by Student Gov’t) and creating an educational technology session to take to all the classes. Mayor Luke took this long list to Marie and plans are in the works to make things happen!