Summer Memories

A few weeks ago I read a blog by Karell Roxas that made me think of all of our CGS families heading off for a two month long summer holiday. I hope Karell won’t mind me paraphrasing parts of her article, making it relevant for our school community, as I feel it is a valuable one to share with you.

As Karell prepared herself for the summer ahead with her young toddler, her friend said something to her that made her take pause. She said something like, “When you think about it, we only have eighteen summers together with our kids.” At that moment, Karell’s heart dropped. Looking at her toddler, she panicked at the thought that they only had seventeen summers left.

For most of our CGS families, I figure that you are looking at between ten to fifteen more summers! Now obviously this is a little dramatic but it is nonetheless thought provoking and worth a ponder.

Imagine ten to fifteen more years to vacation together, sticking your toes in the sand and splashing water at each other. Ten to fifteen more summers of childhood, of the time earmarked for living under one roof, growing up together, instead of apart, creating memories that hopefully your children will look back on fondly one day.

Ten to fifteen more summers to explore, enjoy adventures and discover new places, even if they are right here in our own city. Ten to fifteen more summers of backyard barbeques and corn on the cob,
ice cream cones and freezies.

Ten to fifteen more summers that your child is yours before they become young adults, strike out on their own and find their own “people”.

Ten to fifteen more summers of carnival rides and cotton candy, campfires and s’mores, sunscreen, mosquito bites, picnics and hikes.

Ten to fifteen more summers before your child grows up, moves out and creates a life of their own.
I don’t want you to mourn something that you haven’t even lost yet, but I do want you to realize how fleeting this time is. As a mother of three adult children myself, I can tell you that although we still spend time together, it has become increasingly difficult to get everyone together more than a handful of times each year. Since you can’t hit the pause button and make these childhood days last just a little longer, please try to enjoy and be present in each moment as you have them. All too quickly they will be out the door and “I promise to call you” is what you’ll hear.

So while you still have these days together, laugh and sing and stay up late and camp in the backyard. Turn off your cellphones and spend your days outside. Enjoy the time you have together.
I can tell you, without reservation, that I have no regrets for those days we stayed at the beach until the sun set into the water and munched on horribly bad for you French Fries from the concession stand.
In fact, these are some of my fondest summer memories with my children. Don’t forget, only about ten to fifteen summers left together. It’s a lot yes, but to be honest, just not nearly enough!

My best,

Marie Bates
Principal and Co-Founder
Children’s Garden School