Teaching to Learn

The Grade 2’s really strive to earn “punches” on their reward punch card. Once this card is filled up, they get to choose from the Reward Binder. This binder is filled with unique choices. Emma decided to choose the reward of ‘Becoming the Teacher for a Lesson’. The Grade 2 students have been doing a novel study on The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. Emma diligently read ahead in the book at home to become the Chapter 9 & 10 expert. She then lead a lesson where she asked thoughtful discussion questions and lead the students through understanding unfamiliar vocabulary in the novel. She then helped the class sequence certain events in the story and answer some comprehension questions. She ensured the students answered questions in full sentences and modelled how to give support for their answer from the story. Emma was a natural up there! She even said she wanted to “answer quiet hands” and “hear answers from students she hasn’t heard from”. Great work, Teach!

Jordan Morneau
Grade 2 Teacher
Children’s Garden School