Teamwork at CGS

Our classes have done some wonderful teamwork this week. Collaborative learning allows students to build their social and problem solving skills while also developing confidence with academic concepts.


Grade 2-4 Brainstorming

Grade 2-4 did some collaborative thinking this week as part of their Air and Water in the Environment science unit. After working in small groups to come up with ideas about the different ways we use air, the groups presented their ideas to the class.  After deciding that air must be used to help airplanes fly, the class then moved on to an individual project: making paper airplanes! It was a beautiful day to be outside, so the learners made their own airplanes and tested them out.

Grade 1 Community Building

The Grade 1 class has been doing some community building. As part of this unit, they have been talking about what it means to be part of a community. The learners were given the challenge of working together to make a community with a selection of materials they were given. They brainstormed what might be part of their community and came up with police stations, libraries, schools, houses, apartment building, office buildings, rivers, roads and fire pits. They worked collaboratively to build their communities. Great job Grade 1!


SK Math Centres

The SK class has been continuing their work with centres as a collaborative and engaging way to build their math skills. The students are working on number sense and are learning about different ways to represent numbers. In one centre, students showed the number ten through printing, using a ten frame, and building with blocks. In another centre, they worked on a hands on math challenge where they had to work together to build a tower out of cups, with the numbers on the cups all in order. The students developed strategies together and worked as a team to complete the challenge.



JK Teamwork Tuesday

Teamwork Tuesday is a weekly event in the JK classes that helps the students build their collaboration skills and have some fun together. This week’s Teamwork Tuesday was connected with learning the letter “C”. The class learned what the letter “C” looks like and sounds like, then worked on creating the letter as a team. In partners, they took turns placing stars on their plate, then worked together to decide how to cover their letter in play dough. Some students rolled their play dough into strings, some rolled it into balls, and some pressed it right onto the plate. As long as they decided together as a team, any strategy was a good strategy!