A Very Terry Fox Day for CGS!

Sara A. was out every morning this week to remind us all about the Terry Fox Run that took place today. Our Junior Kindergarten Class built an incredible Terry Fox prosthetic leg from Lego which took pride of place at the outdoor display along with an fantastic showing of Terry Fox pictures made by our JK class.

Each class was assigned a special virtue to consider along with Terry Fox’s mission to raise cancer awareness. The Early Starts: Love, Junior Kindergarten: Hope, Senior Kindergarten: Determination, Grade 1’s: Perseverance, Grade 2’s Resilience and Grade 3-4’s: Courage.

Early today CGS made sure that even the Friday Dance Party was Terry Fox related playing ‘Ain’t No Mountain’! Our Early Start, JK and SK students enjoyed Terry Fox themed playground challenges, dipping their foot in the ‘Atlantic Ocean’ before entering the playground area and in the ‘Pacific Ocean’ as they left.

Our Grades 1 – 4 completed the Terry Fox Run in the gorgeous sunshine and then each Grade participated in their own outdoor challenge. Everyone enjoyed a snack, special video and Terry Fox participation sticker!

It was great to see everyone in a Terry Fox T-shirt, taking on the mission to raise cancer awareness. A special THANKS to our staff, Michelle M and Sara A. for their work and dedication to keep the mission and memory of Terry Fox alive for the CGS community! Donations can still be made through our Terry Fox Foundation CGS page.