Thank You from Wild2Free


We are so happy to share this email with you. You may recall that we donated our Term 1 Toonie Free Dress money to Wild2Free, a kangaroo sanctuary that was drastically affected by the bushfires in Australia. Please read on to learn about Penny, a kangaroo who survived the fires! Thank you for contributing to our Toonie Free Dress initiative. The funds raised make it possible for the CGS community to reach out to people, and in this case animals, in need around the world. Make sure to share this story with your children and let them know how delivering their toonie to Zandée each Free Dress makes a real difference!

From: Rae Harvey
Date: Friday, February 14, 2020 at 1:43 AM
To: Marie Bates
Subject:  THANK YOU!

Hi Marie,

I write today to finally THANK YOU for your support and donation. I apologize for the delay, it’s taking a LONG time to catch up on admin and I only got a new laptop last week. We have no paid admin or staff, making it even slower of course.

I’ve attached a photo of Penny, one of our bushfire survivors. Penny arrived in May 2018 after her mother died in a car accident. On her 1st birthday in late October, this adventurous wild child dislocated one of her feet. She went to visit Dr. Howard Ralph at Southern Cross Wildlife Care (an amazing charity), and received specialist care. Without Howard, Penny risked euthanasia. She is pictured with volunteer Nurse Greg on a second visit when she tore ligaments in her OTHER foot. After five months of additional rehab and seven specialist vet trips, Penny was free to hop again. After everything she has endured, we feel so lucky to say she is one of our survivors and even has her first tiny joey in the pouch. 

This work is only possible because of people like you, and it will continue in the future. We can’t wait to rebuild the sanctuary and share our stories with you.

THANK YOU again,

Rae x


Rae Harvey
Co-Founder, Wild 2 Free Inc
Licensed Macropod carer for Wildlife Rescue South Coast

Wild 2 Free Inc.
PO Box 365, Batemans Bay NSW 2536
PH: 0419 553 409

W2F is a registered charity with the ACNC and has DGR Status.
Donations over $2 are tax deductible.