The Arts at CGS

We have had an artistic week at CGS! Take a look at how some of our classes have been engaging with the arts this week.

Grade 1 Music

In music, in honour of Terry Fox week and September 23rd being the International Day of Sign Languages, students learned about a musician named Evelyn Glennie, who, like Terry, defied expectations and followed her dream. Evelyn Glennie became a Grammy award winning percussionist despite the hurdles she faced due to the fact she was Deaf. Students read the story Listen by Shannon Stocker and learned about the Deaf community, sound vibrations, and how to listen with your whole body, not just your ears. Students drew insightful parallels between Evelyn’s experience with music and Terry Fox’s experience running. The grade one students then learned about ASL and even learned a few signs to go along with the song they are working on for their submission for CBC’s Music Class Challenge.


Early Start Painting

The Early Start Class was working hard on an art project of their own! Students continued their exploration of fall with some special paintings. Students used large bins to paint leaf cut outs in a variety of colours. They put some paints and rollers in the bins then shook them up to make a beautiful design on their leaf. Great work Early Start!



SK Culinary Arts (and Science!)

The SK class had a great time doing some baking! The class talked about how baking is different now from two hundred years ago. After this, students followed a recipe and took turns mixing the ingredients. Once the ingredients were all mixed, the class talked about how the ingredients had changed once they were all mixed together and couldn’t be changed back to their original state.