The Book Drive Delivers

The Principal’s Club made their much-anticipated trip to the The Children’s Book Bank on Tuesday. They were very excited to deliver all of the books that were collected over the last several weeks at school. Thank you so much for all of your contributions! The Book Bank performs an amazing service in the city. Children, who would otherwise not have access to quality books, come from all over to browse and choose books. The Book Bank is a wonderful, whimsical space, perfect for cultivating the imagination and the love of reading. Our students, collectively by class, chose one book for their classroom. The Grade 2’s were lucky to take home two! (The Book Bank had excess copies of the first two Harry Potter books so Jordan’s class is in for a treat!) Check out the picture below of the rooster in the frame. Margery, a volunteer at The Book Bank and the woman pictured reading the story to the kids, made it out of books that were too old and broken down to go on the shelves in honour of The Year of the Rooster last year.