The Count Down Is On!

It’s getting close to the end of summer so we think its a great time for parents to begin to shift gears and start preparing their kids for the upcoming school year. Whether your child is excited or apprehensive about going back to school, a little preparation can go a long way in ensuring a smooth transition. Below are some practical tips to help you get your shining CGS Star ready for this upcoming school year!

It’s always a great idea to ease into a routine! During the summer break, routines often become more relaxed. A week or two before school starts, gradually adjusting your child’s sleeping and eating schedules to match their school routine can really help! This will make early mornings less of a shock and help them adapt to the school schedule smoothly.

A fond memory of back to school was always the fun back-to-school shopping! This is a great way to get your child in an excited moment for looking and feeling their best and most confident when they are at school. Involve your kids in the back-to-school shopping process make it an exciting outing where they get to also choose their school supplies like backpack, water bottle, and new accessories. Even though we are a uniformed school, getting your child familiar with the school uniform look and items will make it an easier morning transition. Involving your child in the back-to-school shopping not only gets them excited about school but also lets them feel a sense of ownership over their preparations!

If possible, taking your child to visit the school ground before the first day is an activity to get them visualizing coming back to school. Familiarity with the environment can alleviate any anxiety they might have about a new round.

Have an open and comfortable chat with your child about back-to-school expectations. This comes from their thoughts and ideas of their own personal expectations and developments along with the discussion of yours! This is an opportunity to discuss their feelings, address any concerns, and emphasize the positive aspects of learning and making new friends. This helps build anticipation and reduces the first day/back-to-school gitters.

As much as summer is a carefree adventure, easing back into some educational materials will help diminish the initial school work shock. Refresh your child’s memory on basic skills like reading, writing, and math. This gentle review can boost their confidence and prevent them from feeling overwhelmed when they encounter these subjects in the classroom.

As our kids are growing, encouraging a sense of independence becomes a crucial part of that growth. Practicing activities like tying shoelaces, buttoning shirts, and packing their school bagsĀ  empower them to confidently handle all the daily tasks they will encounter.

Create a friendly at home work space with them. Let them design it with their likes and interests to encourage them to engage in that space! Designate a quiet and well-lit area for your child to do their homework and readings. Stock it with supplies such as paper, pencils, erasers, and a comfortable chair. Adding in other materials for free time exploration through arts and crafts and other creative outlets lets them continue to have fun while learning. Having a designated space fosters good study habits from an early age too.

Keep the conversation flowing. Let your child know they can always talk to you about their school experiences. Ask open-ended questions about their day and listen actively. This not only helps you stay connected but also offers them an outlet to express any concerns.

Preparing kids for back to school involves a mix of practicality, encouragement, and open communication. By taking the time to establish routines, discussing expectations, and instilling a sense of independence, you’ll help your child move through the new school year with confidence and excitement. Remember, your support and involvement make a world of difference in their journey toward their learning and growth!

We hope some of these tips help you and your child get ready and excited for back-to-school! We can’t wait to see you soon!