The Fairy House Market is Hot!

The Grade 1’s really look forward to their weekly STEM challenges. They are always a highlight of our online program. They particularly loved their STEM challenge this week. The challenge: build a fairy house out of materials found in your home or backyard. For those of you that don’t know, if you build the entrance to a fairy house and place it in nature (usually at the base of a tree) a fairy will take up residence. The children used sticks, leaves, rocks flowers, LEGO, Pom poms and paper to build their houses. They had an absolute blast! They shared stories of different fairy houses they have seen in and around their neighborhood and Kelly sent in some pictures of the fairy houses in her neighbourhood too. It turns out fairies live all over the city! Gus even received a miniature bottle of fairy dust for his birthday this year. Who knew this could happen?! Well done Grade 1’s, we loved seeing your creations and we know the fairies will love them too. The Leaside fairy population is definitely going up!
Emily & Heather
Grade 1 Teachers
Children’s Garden School