The Freedom Quilt

The Grade 2/3’s have been talking about Black History Month as a part of their social and cultural studies program. To learn about this we read a very special and important story with the students, ‘Sweet Clara and The Freedom Quilt.’ We read through this story slowly, pausing often for reflection and discussion. The story is about a young girl who is sold as a slave. She dreams of a reunion with her Mama who lives on another plantation, and even running away to freedom. She is taught to be a seamstress and, inspired by the land around her, creates a quilt with secret codes on how to escape using the Underground Railroad. It is a powerful story of hope and freedom. We were so impressed with the students’ deep reflections, questions and comments. We were very lucky to have a real-life freedom quilt visit our classroom. Emily and her mom actually made this quilt and we were able to show it to the students and go through what each freedom patch represents. Thank you to Emily for this wonderful experience!

Lisa & Jordan
Grade 2/3 Teachers
Children’s Garden School