The Kingdom of Ever After

The SK’s received a very special invitation to the Kingdom of Ever After from The King of Adventure in their Story Drama class this week. The King of Adventure needed their help. It was raining obleek in the Kingdom and making a real mess. (Obleek is sticky, purple and tastes like bubble gum.) First, the children had to find a magic diamond ring that would make it stop raining, but, oh no! The ring was in the crystal caves guarded by a fierce dragon. The only way the dragon would let them pass was if they sang to him. So, they sang songs for the dragon, got the ring and stopped the sticky obleek from raining down on the Kingdom of Ever After. Well done SK’s. I wish we had more pictures of the adventure but the children were moving around so much everything was blurry! The King of Adventure stayed still long enough for me to grab a snap though. Thank you for all the fun Mani.