The Lost Boys

I had the pleasure of attending a conference called The Lost Boys hosted by Steph Jensen last month. The conference was about navigating the world of boys in schools. I brought back what I learned to present to the CGS staff for a professional development session. I spoke about how boys brains work in comparison to girls and different ways to reach male students. We discussed what influences these differences have on basic brain functions on the ways boys and girls focus. We discussed the roles of hormones, specifically dopamine and testosterone. Our main focus was discussing and demonstrating classroom strategies to support boys’ developmental needs. I shared suggested lesson plans and materials, restorative practices to re-engage boys, a PowerPoint, and behavioural resources.

It was a wonderful opportunity for the staff to learn and discuss together. This kind of communal professional development also enables us to maintain a consistent school wide approach to behaviour and social development.

Jordan Morneau
Grade 2 Teacher
Children’s Garden School