The Norval Network Rocks!

There are so many reasons that we love Norval and the Norval News Network is definitely one of them! Like all schools, the Norval Outdoor Ed Centre had to close due to COVID 19. What did Mr. Elgie, Mr. Evans, and the amazing Norval staff decide to do when students couldn’t come to them? Broadcast live from the woods and river of course! They brought the wonderful learning experiences the children have at Norval to the screen. So fun! (Mr. Elgie makes a great news anchor.) One of the activities Mr. Evans talks about out in the field is how to make Gratitude Stones. Lisa and Michelle loved this idea and you can see what a beautiful job the Grade 2/3’s did painting their own stones this week. The children will ‘plant’ their rocks throughout their neighborhoods this weekend to bring joy to people passing by.

Our JK-Grade 3 Maple Syrup trip on March 5th was actually the last school group to visit Norval before the closure. We were very lucky that everyone had a chance to visit this year. The Grade 2’3’s are very sad to be missing their sleepover in June but the Norval News Network is going a very long way to making us all feel better and more connected to the amazing times we’ve had at Norval. Thank you NNN!