The Olive Branch

I hope you’ve noticed the lovely mural of an olive branch in the upstairs hallway! The Grades 1-4 students created it some weeks back in the spirit of celebrating peace and remembrance in November. We also chose to paint this image to acknowledge our new Principal’s Club charity, the Olive Branch for Children. The children learned about symbolism in art and how an olive branch is used today as a symbol of an offering of peace. I was impressed at how the grades worked so cooperatively to complete the mural. They all took turns making each element in the piece from the background to the leaves, olives and branches. They used several shades of purple to make the olives look 3-dimensional. The children are so excited and proud of how they accomplished such a beautiful huge art piece as a team! It is so heartwarming to hear them say they helped contribute to the art whenever they walk by the hallway. Stay tuned for more symbolism in art to come with our Gustav Klimt “Tree of Life” inspired art.

Carrie Laureola
Art Teacher
Children’s Garden School