The Playground is Finished!

For those of you that don’t drop off or pick up from the playground, or use the parking lot on a regular basis, you may not have noticed that the playground installation is complete. The final pieces went in last week! Staff and students are loving the outdoor learning space (complete with chalkboards), the mirrors and the acrylic writing boards. Ceci held one of her JK art classes outside this week and it was great to see the children using the open space, drawing on the chalkboards together and finding places to work and sit on the gorgeous stump furniture. The new, naturalized environment has a lovely feel. We look forward to lots more time spent outside enjoying the physical and creative opportunities the new space allows for. Huge thank yous go out to the CGS community for funding this project for the children and to the CGS Foundation for spearheading and managing the renovation along the way. As the Foundation said at the October Assembly, we are also indebted to Don for the countless hours he spent over the summer managing the contractors and doing much of the hard labour himself. The playground renovation was a team effort and we truly thank all involved for their time and effort on behalf of CGS students!