The Story of Nian

We were very lucky at CGS this past week to have four CGS mommies come in to speak about Chinese New Year! It is so lovely when parents come to speak about their traditions at home; thank you to Amanda, Julie, Irene and Jenny for taking time to speak to the children. The SK’s and Early Starts learned many facts about Chinese New Year from their visiting moms. Did you know there is a monster called Nian that terrified Chinese villagers many, many moons ago? Nian scared children and ate livestock. A wise man told the villagers how to stop Nian from coming to the village. It turns out that Nian was terrified of the colour red, loud noises and fire. That’s why Chinese New Year is celebrated with firecrackers, wearing red and hanging lanterns. The Early Starts made their own firecracker sounds by stepping on bubble wrap. How fun is that? We wish you all a safe and prosperous Year of the Pig!