The Votes Are In!

It’s been a nail biting and suspenseful week here at CGS with our Grade 1, 2, and 3 students embarking on a remarkable journey of leadership and learning as they campaigned all week for our Annual CGS Student Government Elections!  In the world of elementary education, fostering leadership skills and democratic values is just as important as academics. What might seem like a simple exercise was, in fact, a profound opportunity for our CGS Shining Stars to understand the importance of civic engagement, teamwork, and the power of their voices. Let’s dive into their inspiring journey and see how these small but mighty leaders conquered hearts and votes!

Before Election Day, our teachers educated the classes and our young candidates about the principles of democracy, the roles of student government, and the importance of working together. Our Grades 1, 2, and 3 students were encouraged to brainstorm ideas for school improvement and to understand the responsibilities they would take on if elected.

All student candidates who wanted to run for this year’s Student Government titles of Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Class Councillor, created their own campaign poster that were displayed in our CGS hallways! They decorated our school hallways with enthusiasm and charisma that could rival seasoned politicians!


Our Candidates expressed their plans in front of their peers, teachers, and Principal through their speeches! The confidence in their voices and the fire in their eyes made it clear that these young leaders were not to be underestimated. They spoke about their dreams for the school, shared how they would make them happen, and answered challenging questions with grace. From new and exciting themed school days, to bright new visions of exciting field trips, and food drives for more community involvement, our candidates provided hope and excitement for a new year full of opportunities for our student body!

The CGS library was transformed into a polling station, and students lined up to mark their ballots and cast their very important decision! The atmosphere was electric, and the importance of this exercise wasn’t lost on anyone. For our young CGS learners, it was a glimpse into the world of real democracy.

Finally, the votes were tallied! The elected student government members received their titles and responsibilities with pride. But equally important was the sense of responsibility and sportsmanship demonstrated by those who did not win. Their mature response was a testament to the positive atmosphere nurtured here at CGS.

The CGS Annual Student Government Election Week a was not just a success; it was an inspiration. These young CGS Shining Stars showed us the power of dreams, enthusiasm, and unity. They proved that age is no bar when it comes to taking the first steps towards leadership and responsible citizenship. As we look forward to the impact that our young leaders will have on our school, we’re reminded that even the smallest voices can create the biggest ripples of change.