They Shoot, They Score!

Wednesday marked our annual Hockey Day and Tournament at CGS. Staff and students all wore their hockey jerseys and the school was a sea of colour (mostly blue)! There were five Canadian teams set to compete – The Canadiens, Canucks, Jets, Leafs and The Oilers. (It was a good snap geography lesson at the presentation ceremony after the tournament when we matched the provinces and cities with their teams.) The games were five minutes long and there were three points awarded to the winners and one point for a drawn game. The sportsmanship and effort level by all players was amazing throughout. Great job everyone! Thank you to Nina for providing snacks and congratulations to the sportsmanship winners. Not to be left out, Early Start through SK also learned about hockey in gym class on Wednesday. We practiced stick and puck handling and taking shots on goal. We even read a hockey story. Some of the JK’s and SK’s came down to watch the tournament too which really added to the atmosphere. We hope to see CGS’ers on the Leafs one day!

Stephen Walter
Physical Education/Health Teacher
Children’s Garden School