Think Positive

Positive thinking is a powerful tool that can improve your health, help you manage stress, overcome challenges and make better choices. The idea is by changing your thinking, you can control your emotions and your actions. Positive thinking skills often start with positive-self talk, which means using the voice in your head to say positive things about yourself or a situation.
Together, the SK students identified which phrases they felt would work best for them and wrote them out. We discussed how the SK’s can use their list of positive affirmations during times when they need support  – like helping them to start their day on a positive note, before or during a stressful situation, when they are upset, or just to help them improve their mood. After our discussion, they chose 10 beads, one for each of their positive thoughts/affirmations and put them on a bracelet that they can wear. This is so they can remind themselves that they can get through anything by saying each of the positive thoughts they chose for themselves, no matter the situation. The SK students thoroughly enjoyed this activity and now, like one of their affirmations, they can feel like “[they] can do anything”!

Michelle Menezes
MindUp Teacher
Children’s Garden School