This week

Early Start

Our Early Start students are continuing their unit on ocean animals. This week they learned all about the blowfish. They made their own blowfish to take home with them!

Junior Kindergarten

The JK’s recently read the book ‘Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons’. Pete is wearing a shirt with four totally groovy buttons, but when one falls off, does Pete cry? Goodness, no! He just keeps on singing his song! After the story, the students finished a reading comprehension sheet filling in the details they remembered from the story and they drew a picture of their favourite scene.

Senior Kindergarten

Our SK class has been working on their Canadiana! The students were tasked with choosing their favourite thing about Canada, writing a few facts about it and drawing a picture. Each student choose a different thing. The class learned so much about Canada from each other!

Grade 2

Our Grade 2 class completed their Book in a Box presentations this week. The students were tasked with choosing their favourite book and then decorating a box that contains items which represent important or meaningful aspects of the story. The brought their creations to the class and talked to their classmates about how they decorated their box and the items that they chose to place in the box.

Grade 4

The Grade 4’s finished their Rocks and Minerals unit. Each student chose a rock or mineral to present to the class. After their research, they shared details about their rock or mineral – unique qualities, what the uses are, shared a picture, and a fun fact. The class explored a National Geographic pack of Rocks and Minerals for some hands on knowledge.