Thriving in Diverse Extracurricular Clubs

As we say goodbye to our first term’s exciting 8 weeks of before-and-after-school clubs, it’s time to reflect on the array of enriching experiences our students have enjoyed through these extraordinary extracurriculars. From mastering martial arts to exploring the world of coding, this term has been a whirlwind of fun, learning, and creativity.

Our budding martial artists kicked their way to discipline and physical fitness in Tae Kwon Do club with Paula and Ami every Monday morning. Through a series of engaging sessions, students not only honed their selfdefense skills but also toned their essential values like respect and perseverance.

Bonjour! ??! Our young language enthusiasts embarked on linguistic adventures, delving into the beauty of Extended French Class with Xaverine and Mandarin Class with Cheryl on Mondays and Wednesdays. Through interactive lessons and cultural explorations, students broadened their horizons and developed an appreciation for diverse languages and cultures.

In the Hip Hop and Break Dancing clubs, students embraced the rhythm and creativity of dance with Meghan and Erin. From popping and locking to mastering choreography, our young dancers grooved their way to self-expression and confidence. They are ready to take on any break dance battle by storm!

The Cross Country club  with Tony, Simon and Gabrielle, encouraged a love for running and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle; a very important aspect that we encourage with all of our students here at CGS. Students laced up their sneakers and hit the trails at Leaside High School Track, fostering not only physical fitness but also resilience and teamwork!

In the Lego and Coding clubs, students unleashed their inner architects and programmers. From constructing intricate Lego structures with Naomi and Tinku, to diving into the world of algorithms with Simon and Julia, these clubs sparked a passion for problem-solving and innovation.

The Principal’s Club lead by Principal Marie, Liz and Michelle, empowered our young leaders to voice their ideas and contribute to the school community. Through discussions and collaborative projects of Canadian inspired Christmas Tree ornament gifts for our friends from The Olive Branch for Children Foundation in Tanzanian, and our handmade Hot Chocolate Jars and Family Game Night Raffle School Fundraiser, students worked together and expressed their leadership skills by gaining a deeper understanding of responsible citizenship in our community at large.

Lights dimmed, and imaginations spiked in Film Club with Naomi, as students explored the art of storytelling through a different visual lens. From scriptwriting to acting, directing and filming their own shorts, our aspiring filmmakers discovered the magic of cinematic expression. We might have the next Spielberg in the making.

The Loose Parts and Arts Club with Melissa and Karen provided a space for unlimited creativity. Using various materials and techniques, students let their imaginations run wild, creating unique masterpieces that reflected their individuality and creativity.

As we look back on this wonderful term of clubs, it’s lovely to see our students have not only expanded their skill sets and grown their interests, but have also forged lasting friendships and cultivated a love for lifelong learning. We cannot wait for the upcoming Term 2 clubs, where we will continue to nurture the diverse talents and interests that make our school community vibrant and dynamic!

Have a look at some of the captured Club moments from Term 1!