Till We Meet Again

CGS says farewell to one of our beloved teachers. After a beautiful 35 year career, Meesh is hanging up her ‘teacher’ hat and retiring. It has been our honour to have Meesh on our CGS teaching staff for the last 10 years. Below are messages from Marie and Sara A. expressing their best wishes to Meesh. You will find a special tribute for Meesh on our Facebook and Instagram accounts and we invite you all to send her your best wishes there.

Meesh has written an open letter to the CGS community below. For those who would like to send a longer message of congratulations, we invite you to email her directly at mheighington@cgsschool.com. Fortunately, we do not have to say ‘Goodbye’ but rather ‘Till we meet again’ because Meesh will be joining us frequently as a substitute teacher. We wish you all the very best on this exciting new chapter!

Dear Meesh,

I am very grateful that just over 10 years ago, while laying side by side on a mat, one of my ‘yoga ladies’ expressed an interest in teaching at CGS.  I told her to submit a resume and if anything came up I would let her know.  That yoga lady was Meesh, a job did indeed come up and the rest is history.  She and Sara A. have been an awesome JK Team for the past 10 years and dozens and dozens of JK students have benefited from their kind and caring approach to education. We will be sad for Meesh to leave our full time teaching staff but we are so excited for her to embark on this next phase of her life.  We can’t wait to hear about all of her travels and adventures and rather than goodbye it is simply farewell for now my friend.  See you soon!

My Magical Meesh,

Words can not express what an absolute gift, joy and incredible learning experience it has been teaching along with Meesh for the past 10 years. How fortunate I have been to have such a caring and supportive teaching partner who most importantly I can call a wonderful and very special friend.  She has embraced each child with kindness and an understanding while allowing them to truly blossom at their own pace while gently guiding them along the way. As a mother of 2, Meesh has continued to share valuable knowledge and words of wisdom with me and the parents. Like the children, I was constantly learning from her along our JK journey together and have benefitted greatly as a teacher.

I will miss our Magical Meesh but look forward to hearing about her exciting adventures and look forward to her many visits back at CGS. You are so loved!
-Sara A.

To my CGS Family!

It is with mixed emotions I am retiring from full time teaching after a rewarding 35 years!! What an incredible 10 years it has been at CGS! I certainly feel like I won the lottery working with the most amazing teaching partner and friend, Sara A. We have shared so many milestones, laughs and special moments together that I will treasure forever.

Many thanks to Marie for her support and guidance over all these years. I feel so fortunate to have ended my teaching career at CGS with this wonderful team of incredible teachers and staff. I have made many friendships that will last a lifetime! I also want to thank all the parents who have been kind, thoughtful and appreciative. Last but not least, I of course(!) want to thank the many inspirational, incredible children that I have taught. They are the reason we do this and they have kept me going all these years. To my students, I adore each and every one of you and will miss you all very much. This is not goodbye as I will continue to be a part of the CGS family by helping out in the classrooms when needed. Thank you all for your years of support and friendship. I will hold my years at CGS in my heart forever.