Toad Abodes

This week in SK we started off with frogs and ended with toads. It’s been a very powerful unit for the class. First up was the life cycle of frogs lesson. To build on this inquiry unit, we headed out for a field trip to the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority for their ‘Frog Watch’ program. Here we got to learn about the species of frogs and toads in Ontario and all their musical sounds. We learned how to listen to the frogs, and hear the differences between the sounds so we could identify different species. We learned how we can mimic the sounds ourselves with our own voices or materials we have at home. We also learned that even though it is fun and exciting to catch frogs and toads and keep them in a bucket or tub, we are supposed to leave the critters undisturbed so they can be with their families, in their natural habitat where they belong.
Kudos to M for reminding the group to care for frogs because they have feelings too.
We also took some time to investigate amphibians in general – their appearance, food, habitat and enemies – and discovered that the word amphibian means ‘double life’!

Lastly, in our STEAM class after the virtual field trip, we made some pretty fancy Toad Abodes. The SK’s were so creative in their designs, becoming engineers and construction workers and building the perfect toad or frog home. Check out B and G’s creations below – they were both able to go out into nature to place their homes for critters to visit. Mark the warning on G’s – ‘For endangered frogs only, no predators.’

Clara & Paula
SK Teachers
Children’s Garden School