Toys and Holidays Past

The Early Start children were thrilled to go on their first field trip of the year on Tuesday. The pure joy of their first school bus ride was so exciting for the children. When the bus started up they let out a happy shriek and said “the bus is moving!” When we arrived at Gibson House the children were very interested to learn all about pioneer life. After splitting into two groups, the children enjoyed baking, cooking and playing with old fashioned toys. They loved hearing the story “The Night before Christmas” and looking at the intricate black ink illustrations. Afterwards, we had a wonderful tour of the house and got to really experience the way people lived in the late 1800’s. Before we left, the children were excited to eat the cookies they had baked. It was a fantastic first field trip for our little Early Starters!

Liz, Sarah and Anah
Early Start Teachers
Children’s Garden School