Trading at Fort York

On Wednesday morning the Grade 3’s went to visit historic Fort York. They had a fabulous time learning about the Fur Trade in Canada, after people from the Old World (Europe, Africa, and Asia) ventured across the Atlantic Ocean to the New World (North and South America). They were able to see Indigenous artifacts that were traded, including furs (especially beaver pelts), and medicines. Weapons, worked metal pieces, wool, and gunpowder from Europe, Africa, and Asia were also available for the children to see. They also looked at some maps of trade routes in Upper Canada (what we now call Ontario) and realized that they all followed waterways. They also made the connection to an earlier trip to Brickworks where we were able to see a birch bark canoe being built in the traditional way of First Nations peoples.

They learned about the history of Fort York, and were amazed to learn that it was almost destroyed on a number of occasions, most recently during the planning of the Gardiner Expressway! They were quick to explain that it is important to preserve Fort York so that we can continue to learn about the history of our city and country.

With this trip being so close to Remembrance Day, the Grade 3s made some thoughtful reflections about the soldiers and people who fought in the war of 1812, as well as the many wars that have followed, and the continued efforts of Canadians around the world to help keep the peace.

Emily Blackwood
Grade 3 Teacher
Children’s Teacher