Using Our Imaginations

During the final month of school we were focussing on Imagination. Here are a few words from Marie from the Character Education Assembly last week ~

The dictionary defines imagination as the ability to form a picture in your mind of something that you have not seen or experienced. It is the ability to think of new things. Every child is born with imagination. When children are very young, adults usually encourage their imagination but at a certain age, you are more or less on your own with it. I encourage all of you to keep the spirit of imagination alive in your lives. The more you use your imagination, the stronger your imagination muscle will become. Einstein said that Imagination is more important than knowledge. He said that because it is imagination that is the door to all possibilities. It is in imagination that creativity, ingenuity and thinking outside of the box really begin. The ability to imagine influences everything we do, think about and create. It leads to theories, dreams and inventions in so many areas of life. I told you were are all born with an imagination but how do we keep it alive? Right now the best way for you to keep it alive is to play! Play with paints, art materials, crayons and costumes. Explore in nature and splash in puddles. Soar like an eagle and flutter around like a butterfly. Ride an imaginary pony and take your rocket ship to the moon! Do what makes you feel happy and let your imagination go wild!

Congratulations to all of our certificate recipients this month, your imagainations have made every day at CGS so magical and full of possibility. Special mention to the Grade 4 Class. Their unique imaginations combined to create a ‘super imagination’ that was a non-stop source of entertainment and wonder for all of us!