Valentine’s Day Extravaganza

Valentine’s Day is so great when you work at a school – teachers really know how to make it tons of fun. Not surprisingly, CGS was bursting with Valentine’s Day spirit. There was so much going on! Hilarious dance parties complete with disco lights (thank you Reuben), awesome outfits and headgear (you know who you are Michelle M), letters of love and friendship, STEM valentines, dinosaur valentines, virtual valentines in technology, Mani’s amazing video with the Grade 2/3’s for everyone to watch, AND a trip to Disneyland. The Grade 2/3’s even had special breakout rooms of their own choosing to celebrate together. They could choose from Lego, Dolly & Stuffy or Creative – three of their most favourite things ever. We are so fortunate to be part of such a creative, loving community. Thank you for your spirit everyone and for sending in so many great photos, I wish they could all be included here. Wishing you all an abundance of joy and love on the 14th and always.

That’s a CGS’er in training at the bottom. Thank you for joining in the fun with your brother L!