Veterans’ Week at CGS

Veterans’ Week

CGS spent much of this week reflecting on Remembrance Day and why it is important. We read books on themes related to Remembrance Day and took the opportunity to think about peace and what it means to us. Our JK class drew pictures of what peace means to them.



Our SK class inquired into the roles that various animals played in historical wars. Each SK student chose a particular animal to describe how it helped during war. Students drew a picture of their animal and wrote a sentence about what that animal did. SK also read a book together as a class called “A Bear in War” by Stephanie Innes & Harry Endrulat. They discussed the book together then did an individual activity based on what they had read.



Our Grade One class worked on poetry related to Remembrance Day. They thought of words that they associated with Remembrance Day and used these to either create acrostic poems or reflections on peace.



Our Two to Four class did an activity about what Remembrance Day means, accompanied by a beautiful art piece. Each written piece reflected the thoughts and interests of the author. We are proud of all of our students for their thoughtfulness and reflection this week.