Virtual Field Trips for our Grade 2 and Early Start

On Tuesday, October 26 our Grade 2’s went on the first CGS virtual field trip of 2021.2022! The students have been working their way through the unit Air and Water in the Environment in Science so a field trip with the Ontario Science Centre was a perfect complement to their in-class work.
The ‘Wow Water’ field trip covered the properties of water – colourless, odourless, takes the shape of its container.
The Science Centre host took the students through a float or sink experiment with different types of rocks and metal balls, and then related that to salad dressing and that some liquids float on others. They also discussed oil spills and how they can negatively impact the environment.
The field trip guide created a cloud in a jar – lit a match and put some smoke in the jar, then put a plate of ice on top of the jar and a cloud formed.
The Grade 2’s really enjoyed the learning; the experiments and the discussion involved in this field trip and are already looking forward to follow-ups. They even got a close up look at the Science Centre’s saltwater tank with some creatures – an urchin and some sea stars.
On Thursday, October 28 our Early Start’s had a great time on their virtual Snapology field trip. Snapology is the premier partner for STEAM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) engaging children using LEGO® bricks, K’Nex and technology.
The student’s had so much fun figuring out how to put their bricks together to make the various creations that the Snapology host was suggesting.
They were proudly bringing their builds up to the camera so that the host could get a better look! The building portions of the field trip were punctuated with Hallowe’en themed dances that got everyone moving.