We All Fit Together

The JK and SK’s did a special activity in Mind-Up this week. We read the story ‘Where Oliver Fits’ and had a discussion about the importance of being happy with ourselves just as we are. The children all shared things that they thought made them unique, and shared thoughts on what is unique about each of their peers as well. We then took a ball of string, and took turns passing it around the circle to a peer of our choosing, and sharing a kind thought about that person. By the end of the activity we had created a ‘spider web’ or puzzle with the string, with each class member connected to it. This created a strong visual reminder that each member of the class is unique, equal and important and that our individual qualities make us stronger as a group! This was an empowering lesson for the children that hopefully let them continue on with their day at school with a stronger sense of self-confidence and unity with their classmates.

Lisa Garard
Mindfulness & Wellness Teacher
Children’s Garden School