We Can Do Hard Things

We had a wonderful launch of our 2020/21 Character Ed program on Thursday. It was so fun! Marie addressed the whole school as she would have pre-Covid, the only difference this time was that she was broadcasting from her office. We have never chosen an overarching theme for Character Ed but this year, given that everything is different, Marie chose a new approach. The book I Can Do Hard Things by Gabi Garcia was incredibly inspiring to her over the summer. Marie was facing the biggest challenge of her professional life when she was planning our safe return to school and she wanted to bring that powerful feeling of perseverance and resilience the story gave her with the children. She shared the story and then every child and staff member was given a We Can Do Hard Things bracelet to wear. The bracelets are there to remind us every day that we are capable and strong and able to work through any challenge. We Can Do Hard Things CGS!