Welcome Back CGS!

Welcome back CGS!

While this was not the return to classes, we were all hoping for, the CGS community has made the pivot to online learning with agility and grace. We posted two beautiful Welcome Back messages this week. One from Marie and the other from Jacob, our CGS Mayor. Both messages beautifully invite all of us to focus on our blessings and be grateful, making the absolute best we all can despite our current challenges.

As soon as the government announced the switch to virtual learning, meetings were set, learning kits assembled, emails sent and classes booked. Our teachers, administration and IT have been hard at work to make sure that everyone has the information and equipment they need to settle back into virtual learning smoothly and successfully.

Early Start is both in-person and online. Our Early Start teachers have been doing such an amazing job of bringing everyone together simultaneously.

Our SK students have been embracing their yoga and mindfulness as well as their class work.

Grade 1 – Dance Party Friday

The Grade One class loves Dance Party Friday and insisted on an interactive ‘Winter Run’! The purpose of the dance party ‘game’ is to collect missing objects while watching out for different obstacles along the way. They need to swerve left/right, jump and duck, all while running in place – It was a wonderful way to jump start the day!

Family Literacy Day

January 27 is Family Literacy Day. The theme for 2022 is ‘Learning in the Great Outdoors’. The ABC Life Literacy Canada page has some great resources, and we encourage you to consider taking this opportunity to get outside, explore, observe, discuss, journal, sketch, make up games – you know what works best with your family. Let us know how your family observes Family Literacy Day throughout the month of January. Send your pictures, videos and information to Wanda at wthorne@cgsschool.com