Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

We are so excited to welcome all of our wonderful students back to school! After two weeks off, we are spending our time reconnecting and getting back into our routines. Our students were very enthusiastic to be back with their friends and share their stories from the holidays. We eased back into the routine with some reading, yoga and art.

Professional Development

The CGS teachers started the new year with a professional development workshop. The teachers learned about the benefits of yoga for students and how yoga can be incorporated into our classrooms. Teachers learned about the connection between the brain and body and how they depend on one another to impacts our students overall learning and development.



Our JK class got right back into their Teamwork Tuesday routine. They worked in pairs and drew portraits of their partner. The students used pencil crayons and added lots of colour to their drawings. They focussed on making sure they had included all the details that make each person unique. Students discussed the things that make people similar and the things that make them different.



SK kept hold of the calm atmosphere of the holidays flowing through to the classroom with some afternoon yoga. Taking time to move throughout the day can help students stay focussed and feel more energetic.