Welcome to JK Tanjina

Please join us in welcoming Tanjina to CGS! She started her placement here on Tuesday. She is a lovely addition to the JK class. See below for a few words from Tanjina about her experience.

Hello Parents,

My name is Tanjina Akter. I am a student of Early Childhood Education at the distance diploma program at Loyalist College. I have recently joined Meesh and Sara A’s JK classroom to do my placement. I completed my first two placements with toddlers and preschoolers in day care centres. I will be here at CGS until April 2018. I am eager to contribute and learn more about early childhood education throughout this period.

My passion for early childhood education is what brought me to Loyalist College and now to CGS. I have several years of volunteering and professional experience in public schools as support staff. I am also mother to two children of my own.

In my placement here at CGS, my first objective is to closely observe the program and the children to understand the daily routines of the class. I will spend time with the children to learn and understand their developmental growth, interests and abilities. Based on that, I look forward to planning experiences for the children with the support and supervision of Meesh and Sara A. In the process, I will integrate my own curriculum plans along with the regular routines in the classroom. As per the curriculum of the placement, my role and participation will increase gradually as the children become more familiar with me.

In closing, I am passionate about early childhood education and very dedicated to my work with children. I am so happy to be working with the JK children here at CGS. I will take care of every child in the class equally and with the utmost dignity and respect.


Tanjina Akter