Welcome to Our Amazing New Staff Members

We are incredibly fortunate to have three new exceptional teachers on our 2020/21 staff. Please join us in welcoming Clara in SK, Taylor in Early Start, and Aidan in Physical Education & Wellness. They have already brought so much energy and passion to their jobs and we’re only in Week 3!

Clara comes to us from the University of Toronto with a Masters of Teaching. She has a background in music and performance and has taught piano, guitar, and ukelele.
She is committed to protecting the environment and received the Environmental Leadership Award from OISE at Uof T in June 2020. We are thrilled to have such a multitalented teacher here with us.

Aidan also has his Masters of Teaching from the University of Toronto and brings his love of athletics, coaching, and outdoor education to our Physical Education & Wellness program. He is overflowing with school spirit and has already brought so much fun and playfulness to his classes. He is also overseeing our After Care Program and the kids are having a great time!

Taylor, the latest addition to our Early Start team, studied at York and has both her Bachelor of Health Studies and of Education, along with a background in daycare. Taylor is a steady, warm presence for her students. She also has a passion for sport (she played varsity soccer at York) and is so pleased to be part of a school community that places such a high value on character building.