Welcome to the Future

Aidan put together an amazing adventure for the children this week. The first image highlights the SK’s but the JK’s and Grade 1’s did it too. (I think the Grade 2/3’s got a chance as well even though it wasn’t in their schedule.) The children were transported by a time machine – yes, there were cool psychedelic graphics and the children did their best travelling through time moves – only to find themselves in a future run by robots. AND, their CGS robot friend was missing. Many adventures ensued. The children had to do several robo-jacks, robot block lifts and ‘jet packs’ to pass through obstacles, including learning how to evade Megabot with their freeze dance skills. They did it – they found their missing friend and were able to head back home. What a blast! Thank you to Aidan for the excellent graphics and for always setting a tireless, and playful example for the children. This adventure was so much fun and an excellent work out for everyone. (Sorry, there aren’t any pictures of the kids doing their challenges, they were all too blurry because they were moving so much!) More next week on Aidan’s Underwater Adventure.