We’re Falling for Our JKs!!

Fall is a such a magical season, wouldn’t you agree? Our Junior Kindergartens are young learners embarking on an exciting journey to discover the wonders of autumn this week! From the vibrant colours of changing leaves to the crisp cool air, here’s a glimpse into what these curious minds are exploring.

One of the first things that they learned about is changing season and the first sight of it through the beautiful falling leaves! They explored the way the leaf colours change and why, what the changing of the season means and brings, and discussed the importance of the autumn harvest and how we benefit from it. They discussed the fruits and vegetables that are ripe for picking and discovered the significance of Thanksgiving.

Our JKs read lots of autumn-themed books, and even enjoyed some Fall inspired songs. These stories and melodies transport their learning into understanding the heart of the season, bringing excitement and charm to the beauty of fall.

Our JKs explored the elements on our playground and in the classroom where they could really associate the changes in our environment with what they are learning about Fall! They ventured outside to observe and collect leaves, acorns and other various fall items to expand their learning through loose parts play. Some of them even brought their favourite items in to present to their classmates.

We have lots of Fall crafting happening from fall changing coloured trees to turkeys, pumpkins, and shape impressions! These activities encourage fine motor skills and imaginative expression.

We think our JK classroom is a great place for exploration and discovery, and the Fall season gave them the perfect backdrop for these adventures. Through hands-on activities, loose parts exploration, imaginative play, and joyful learning,  our JKs are thriving  and enjoying every moment of the enchanting fall season!