What is a Leader?

Good Leaders are always listening. Good Leaders are always learning. Good Leaders aren’t afraid to speak up. Good Leaders aren’t afraid to make mistakes.
~ Marie

We’ve been focusing on Leadership at school this month. It was the perfect time to think about this  important skill as our country chose their new leader and CGS students chose their 2019/20 Student Government. There are many ways to be a leader though – in our world, at home, at school, in the neighbourhood or on a sports team. After watching a video interviewing young children about their  thoughts on leadership, Marie was very happy to recognize some of our CGS friends who have already been good leaders at school. In November, and as we approach Remembrance Day, please join staff and students as we think about Forgiveness and how practising it can affect our world.

Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude.
~  Martin Luther King Jr.