What is your Favourite CGS Event?

The Grade 2/3’s have been very busy over the last two weeks! For their culminating project in their Data Management unit, they were tasked to create a graph representing a set of data that they collected and organized themselves. In order to make this task meaningful to them, their job was to come up with a question to ask their fellow students that had to do with CGS! They took turns visiting the JK, SK, Grade 1 and Grade 4 students in order to get the most accurate results to their question. Some of the questions included:

What is your favorite CGS event?
What is the most important characteristic in a teacher?
What is your favorite idea for a new CGS club?
And many more!

After completing their surveys they created beautiful bar graphs that can be found in the upstairs hallway on display. Some interesting information that we learned is that most students prefer cheese pizza, kindness is the most important characteristic in a friend, and that the student’s favorite event is the Terry Fox Walk!

Thank you to all the classes for taking our surveys, and well done Grade 2/3’s for collecting these valuable statistics about our school.

Lisa and Jordan
Grade 2/3 Teachers
Children’s Garden School