When the World Stayed Apart

This week, the SK’s have been focusing on this month’s character education trait of Contentment. We’ve been talking about how to be content and “look on the bright side of things” even during this time away from our beloved classroom and their friends. They read the story Happy Right Now by Julia Berry to help them understand how to be content with what they have, where they are, who they are with, and who they are. To enhance their understanding of contentment, they were assigned an activity which required them to gather everyone they’ve been spending their physically distanced time with at home and either paint, trace and colour (or trace and cut out), the shape of all of their hands (or paws if they wanted to include their pets). We hope these creations will serve as a poignant reminder for the children of this unusual but very special time at home.

Meagan & Paula
SK Teachers
Children’s Garden School