Why Were There No Classes on Monday?

After a long and lovely Winter Break, our team gathered early Monday morning as usual, except without the children in the building. Instead of our usual hugs, high-fives, and hellos from CGS students, this day we were greeted with light breakfast fare and the time to enjoy casual conversation amongst our dedicated group.  

Our CGS Calendar clearly states that this past Monday was a “PA Day for Teachers” but what does that mean and why is it important for all students, parents and educators? 

 “Professional Activity” and “Professional Development” are interchangeable terms to describe the wide range of learning that our educators participate in throughout the school year to support their commitment to life-long learning. The sessions we partake in focus on providing our staff with added knowledge and the necessary skills to support and enhance student achievement and well-being. 

“We would like to give an official and very warm welcome to Joan, our newest team member and Director of Admissions and Parent Engagementand would like to thank her for her uplifting, engaging, and thought provoking “Slow Looking” professional development event. What a fabulous way to begin Term 2. We believe you can all agree the first day back itinerary, breakfast, and lunch were amazing opportunities for us to connect, relax, and have time to prepare and plan for the upcoming week. This was extremely generous and most advantageous! ~ Paula Woods, CGS Senior Kindergarten Educator 

Joan conducted our session on “Slow Looking”; a museum-originated practice increasingly seen as holding wide educational benefits. Learn more about Joan HERE and about Slow Looking HERE.  

“…slow looking contends that patient, immersive attention to content can produce active cognitive opportunities for meaning-making and critical thinking that may not be possible through high-speed means of information delivery…”   ~ Shari Tishman, author ~ Project Zero, Harvard University 

 You’ll be hearing a lot about “slow looking” from your child, and you’ll see classroom events involving this practice as we go along in Term 2 at CGS!