Yoga Day with Mai

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

We face many distractions in today’s world. Taking the time to slow down and meditate is a very powerful tool, to remain calm and content with the “NOW”. There was a unique and tranquil gym day at CGS on Wednesday. We had the marvelous Mai Meret teach the CGS students all about yoga and mindfulness. For some of our students it was their first time trying yoga. Every CGS class from Early Start to Grade 4 got a chance to enjoy the class. Mai started off each lesson by explaining the meaning of yoga and meditation. She then taught the children how to perform numerous yoga poses. The students were immersed throughout the lesson and time went by quickly. At the end of each lesson Mai placed toy boats on the children’s stomach to help bring awareness to their breathing, while listening to peaceful nature sounds. The silence was deafening! Everyone had a very enjoyable and relaxing time. Thank you to Mai for the great day, we look forward to seeing her again in February for another CGS Yoga Day.

Steve Walter
Physical Education Teacher
Children’s Garden Teacher