Yummy Muffins in Early Start

This week, the Early Start class has been learning all about pumpkins. We thought our budding bakers would enjoy making yummy pumpkin muffins. We began our baking endeavour with inquiry based learning by asking a few thought provoking questions of our future bakers. They came up with some great answers and questions themselves. For example, some children noticed that muffin tins were on the table and recognized that they were for muffins right away. Another child guessed that the tin of orange purée was pumpkin mash because she knew the smell. The children were curious about the ingredients and asked what each one is and what it does. We learned that all ingredients have a special role, for example, baking soda is important so that our muffins rise in the oven and don’t stay flat. Another child asked as we blended the dry and wet ingredients “Where did the sugar go?” Our cooking adventure started with following a recipe step by step, learning about the different ingredients and tools and finally measuring using our measuring cups and spoons. Everyone contributed by helping to measure and pour ingredients. Mixing was the children’s favourite part though! Finally the whole class got to enjoy our delicious pumpkin muffin creations. It’s safe to say our baking was a hit with all!

Clare, Anah and Liz
Early Start Teachers
Children’s Garden School